Kim van Norren


16-06-2014 - 21-06-2014
Markthalle Basel, Viaduktstrasse 10 4051 Basel Switzerland
Kim van Norren
'It's your firmament, Baby'
solo show/Basel 2014

Kim van Norren paints and draws in series. Almost all her works are based on a piece of (classical) music or lyrics and text from contemporary music.

The lyrics emerge on canvas as if they were fragments or echoes, from time long gone. She is interested in how we experience great life events, regardless of time and background.

The basis of the VOLTA10 works is a classification of specific quotes in ‘light' and ‘dark'. The light and the dark are abstract interpretations of that which, on the one hand, is light-hearted and not yet moulded into any known form, and on the other hand, that which is heavy and concrete.